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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Saturday night life

So I finally got to hang out with Jaymie Saturday night. She's cool, but it's hard to schedule anything with her. LOL. So we're sitting at this table with Jessica and Ross and some of her other friends from 10-midnight. Thats when Craig finally showed up. Then he doesn't even come talk to me for like another hour. So I get up with Jessica to go to the bathroom, and Denny, the hottest guy in the county is in there, and he speaks to me. My heart was beating so fast just because he said my name, that I couldn't even make myself pee. I wish I had a picture of him. I think he's like a younger Jake Gyllenhall, but with curlier dark hair and a more muscular body. LOL. So I left the bathroom without going.
Anyway, I sat back down with my friends and waited for Craig to come to me. I don't want to come off as desperate or easy! I'm playing hard to get. LOL. so, finally, he comes and sits down next to and I introduce him to the girls. He is on and off the dance floor and when he's gone, Jaymie tells me he's cute. So last call is called and low and behold two more bottles of Bud and a shot of Tequilla appear on the table before me. Bastards. I only got the Tequilla because I told Craig that he would NOT get any if he brought me a Jagger Bomb. Well, needless to say Craig left me to my drinking, and I handed Heidi one of the Bud's, Heidi gave Jenni her Bud light and I poured most of the Tequilla into Ross's drink. LOL. I cheated, but I had been there longer than Craig and I know my limits. Plus I wasn't in the mood for Tequilla. It was really bad going down, and it was just a third of the shot! So I got up and told everyone at the table goodnight, told Melissa I was leaving, and left (alone) without a word to Craig.

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