I'm mostly using this blog as an outlet for my feelings and observations about my life. I don't update regularly, but only when something of interest happens in my life.

Monday, December 11, 2006

All I want for Christmas... someone to spend NewYears Eve with,
and Gareth to ask me out,
and to win the lottery,
and to move to somewhere tropical.
Yeah, thats pretty much it.

Anyways, I wish my life was a bit more interesting, My life is so Vanilla, it's not even considered Vanilla anymore. lol.
There are so many people out there living it up and having interesting lives and, i wish the midwest was not quite so lame. I really don't want to move to either coast, especially just to have an exciting life. Even my blogs are boring. I don't have any sex-capaides to relate, no family problems to complain about, no school to cuss. Everything here is just pretty bland and boring.



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