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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

sick weekend

So, not only did I work all weekend, I ended up getting sick Monday. First a weekend recap though; Friday night I met my friends at the bar after work, Mel is trying so hard to hook me up with Craig. He's not any of my usual types, I'm really not finding myself attracted to him. Then, he brings me a Bud Light! What, I'm fat now and need light beer? WTF? Saturday night, I met my friends at the bar after 10:30, no Craig, had a pretty good time and made it home ok. Sunday after work, I meet Mel on the way to Dillons to get lunch, eat Potato soup and a salad and get sick. Worked till Noon Monday, then slept from 1:30 till 5:00. Had dinner at Sonic, hung out with Mel till about 8:30, then went home and was in bed before 10.
I dreamed about Denny last night/this morning. He is so hot. But my dream was rated G, and we all kept our clothes on. Too bad he is straight, he could so much better than the skanks he is always with. Well, at least I think he can. lol.

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