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Friday, December 22, 2006


Ok, I think my 'gay-dar' is broken. I saw him last night, he was sitting at the bar, alone(guess that should have been my first clue), he was so cute, (i swear he looked like this) I stared at him all night, he only talked to Kathy, the bartender, and he was drinking bud bottles, went to the bathroom twice. So anyway, I'm drunk and keep getting handed more drinks, and I'm up on the floor dancing with my chica's, trying to get D to go flirt with him to see which of us could take him home. She wouldn't go, then He left! I gave it up as a wasted chance and went back to drinking and dancing, then I turn around and he is staning at the bar again. ok, not wanting to pass up a second chance from the gods, I tell M about this guy, she balls up and goes and talks to him. At this point I just want to dissapear into the smoke and music, I'm very shy. Then M comes back and tells me no deal! OMG! I got turned down from a straight boy from Cali! What the Hell? there are straight boys in Cali? He didn't come off as rude or anything, but what the fuck is wrong with my gay-dar? I think its broken. where does one get that fixed?

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