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Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Thankful for...

So, Thanksgiving is near and people are starting to think about what they are thankful for. Why do we confine ourselfs to being thankful for just one day? Or why do we confine our gift giving to a couple days a year? I think the world would be a better place if we were thankful everyday and gave gifts just because.


1) I am thankful that I have work. I might complain about going but I am thankful that I can bring home a paycheck.

2) I am thankful that Fuel prices are where they are. It makes me appreciate the privelage of being able to drive myself to work.

3) I am thankful that I Can complain about the price of fuel and of going to work. It makes me appreciate living in the country that I do.

4) I am thankful that for the soldiers that keep other countries from imposing their ways on us. They go to work so I can go to work.

5) I am thankful for being in good health. I have all five of my senses, all my appendages, and all my insides. Some people are not so lucky.

6) I am thankful that I have a home to call my own. Some people don't.

7) I am thankful that I have to decide what to wear each day. Some people only have what they are wearing.

8) I am thankful for my loving family and friends. They show me that I am not alone in the world.

9) I am thankful for the little things that make me smile and laugh.

10) I am thankful that I have reasons to be thankful. Because I know that some people have nothing.

Ok, it was difficult to think of just 10 things to be thankful for. I know there are more but they are things that we take for granted everyday. Many people make lists of what they are thankful for this time of year, but they don't take time to really think about what they ARE thankful for. It's not hard to be thankful for cable, internet, cell phones, ipods, and all the rest of that Crap. But Thankful for it? Not really. How about being thankful for education and opportunities? For being able to enjoy those distractions until our parents kick us out of their homes to fend for ourselves? Kids in other countries go to work when they are old enough to do the work. They don't have the choice of going to school or getting a job, because their parents can't support them. Kids today should be thankful they can play soccer, and not have to make the balls. That they have name brand clothes to wear and don't have to make them. That they have food to eat and don't go to bed hungry evey night. That they can read and write and think for themselves, that they have people besides their parents that care about what happens to them. That they can dream about the day they can run a company or be a model or be on TV, or just raise a family of their own. Thankful that they have the option of making something of their lives other than scraping by day to day.

Just be thankful that you can take everything for granted. That we can worry about how we look, and what we have, and where we are going.

Just be Thankful.



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