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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

20 Questions

20 questions

1. height and weight. 5'10" 160lbs.
2. favorite color. green.
3. favorite ethnic food. chinese.
4. shoe size. 10-1/2.
5. favorite superhero. Superman.
6. favorite sport. soccer.
7. most used catch phrase. You're a liar.
8. favorite author. Terry Goodkind.
9. fantasy job. owning a Tiki-bar in St. John.
10. favorite type of pizza. super supreme.
11. favorite type of pickle. bread and butter.
12. mcdonalds or burger king. either.
13. favorite board game. monopoly.
14. favorite clothing store. Dillards.
15. place i would most like to visit. Austraila.
16. favorite holiday. Fourth of July.
17. favorite film. The Butterfly Effect.
18. ever been arrested. no.
19. first thoughts waking up. Why is it so early.
20. favorite type of cookie. snickerdoodle.


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