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Monday, April 23, 2007

Saturday Nap

So Saturday I finally got my grass cut, went to my friends wedding and got a nap in before we went out Saturday night. I actually remember the dream I was having during my nap.

It started out with me and I think my brothers getting set to spend time at my parents house. I look outside and see that my car is gone and there are cops out front. Turns out that someone has wrecked into my car and had it towed. All I keep saying is there is something missing out front when anyone asks whats going on.
Suddenly I'm climbing into the back of a large pickup truck and the guys in the cab are telling me I need to change the tire. One of them has his arm out the window and asks me if I swing, I tell him he has to get in the bed to find out.

Then the phone rang and woke me up. I met up with Melissa and Joe and we went out to Hank's and got drunk. Got home at like 3am. Not much else happened.

To see a parked car in your dream, suggests that you need to turn your efforts and energies elsewhere. You may be needlessly spending your energy in a fruitless endeavor. Alternatively, a parked car my symbolize your need to stop and enjoy life. To dream that you cannot find where you parked your car, suggests that you do not know where you want to go in life. -

To see a truck in your dream, implies that you are overworked. You may be taking on too many tasks and responsibilities and are weighing you down.-


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