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Monday, March 05, 2007


1. have you ever had sex with the opposite sex? no.
2. who is the first person you came out to? i can't remember
3. are you out to your parents? no
4. do you want kids? sometimes
5. do you have more gay friends or straight friends? straight
6. were you out in school? no. at least i didn’t come out. it was assumed i was.
7. is your best friend the same sex as you? no.
8. if your best friend is the same sex, have you ever kissed them? n/a
9. have you ever done crystal meth? no
10. have you ever been in a sling? no.
11. have you ever done a 3-way? no.
12. have you ever dressed in drag? no.
13. would you ever date a drag queen? no.
14. are you a top/bottom or truly versatile? truly vers.
15. have you seen an uncircumcised thingy? not up close.
16. have you had sex with someone of a different race? no
17. have you ever barebacked? no
18. how many cher cds do you own? not a one.
19. name your first true love? the closet would be james baker.
20. do you still talk to them? not since High School
21. does size matter? yes. I'm not a size queen, but bigger is better
22. biggest turn on? dimples
23. biggest turn off? drug usage
24. ever been harassed because you are gay? yes
25. worst gay stereotype that applies to you? i have my moments of campiness.
26. ever been to a pride rally? no
27. would you marry if you could? yes.
28. would you rather be rich and smart or young and beautiful? young and beautiful.
29. do you sculpt your eyebrows? no.
30. do you trim your body hair? only below the waist.
31. ever had sex with more than one person in a day? no
32. ever been to an orgy? no
33. have you dated your best friends ex? no
34. would you vote for hilary clinton if she ran for president? no.
35. do you want monogamy in your relationship? it's alright, but not a requisite
36. do you believe in true love? yes.
37. do you have any tattoos? no.
38. do you have any piercings? no.
39. would you date a smoker? yes.
40. do you know anyone who has died from h.i.v.? no.
41. do you know what stonewall was? probably, but i need a refresher.
42. wonder woman, xena, or the halliwell sisters? halliwell's all the way
43. strangest place you have had sex? i'm pretty normal.
44. strangest place you’ve woken up? in the car
45. are your best years behind or in front of you? in front.
46. favorite porn movie? don't have a favorite yet.
47. are you in love now? nope
48. ever been in love with a straight guy/girl? yes. all the time.
49. did you ever have sex with them? unfortunately no.
50. have you ever been to a nude beach? nope.
51. have you ever been to a bath house? no.
52. ever had sex in public? nope



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