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Friday, February 06, 2009

February Madness

So in the last month, I've been very busy but still unproductive. Last week we went to Justin and Jana's for our weekend game night. Justin turns gay when he's drinking and though I like the attention, it doesn't help the situation any. Anyway, last week we were playing our game of cards with 9 people, and Justin leans over and licks my ear and is rubbing my thigh for part of the game and later, after a break, he catches me not paying attention and grabs my crotch. Like I said, I like the attention, but he's not making it easy. lol.

Then, just this last Tuesday, my boss backs into my car causing $1,800.00 worth of damage to the rear end! Thank God for insurance! So my car will be in the repair shop as of Tuesday next week for God only knows how long.

This weekend, Joe is wanting to go to his dads farm, which likely means he wants me to keep the kids while he goes and does his thing. Again. I kept the kids all day last Saturday while he went riding on his motorcycle. It's starting to become bullshit as I keep the kids on a daily basis, I see them more than he does. Then he bitches about not being able to spend time with the kids!
*tangent rant*
He's home from midnight till 3pm. Granted, he keeps the baby till 3, but still, no house work gets done all day while he's there and he lets the toddler destroy the house. He doesn't have lunch ready for either me or his wife, in fact he is usually still sleeping or just getting up at noon. However, he has Melissa or I bring him dinner at 8 while he's working. Total Bull. I come home at 5 and have to do the dishes and take out the trash before I start cooking supper, and I have to it with all three kids home! He doesn't know how well he has things and totally takes everything for granted!
So that's how my last month has gone. Work, babysit, repeat!
I'm tired, the kids have been on my last nerve the last couple days, and there's a dent my cars rear 1/4 panel. I really need a couple days off from life. I'm seriously going to disappear this weekend and go visit my friends Nick and KJ, get my bicycle from where it's been stored for the last 6 or so years and get some other stuff I've been trying do, done.
Oh, and my roommate, Travis, moved out the first week of January! I kinda miss him, but it's not much different since he was hardly ever there anyways.


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