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Monday, October 27, 2008

Saturday Night Life

So Saturday, Joe, Melissa, Jana, Justin, Jessica and our new friend, India, all went out to Hanks. Justin was drunk before they showed up, as usual. He was playing with me pretty hard most of the night, sitting with me, giving me what he called "reverse wet willies", hands all over me at different times. All between groping his own wife and being a social butterfly, of course. We left Hanks around 1 and went to City Limits for a final drink before last call. Out in the parking lot before we all headed home Justin and Melissa were playing around and Melissa hollered at Jana to watch, then kissed Justin. Not wanting to be left out, and drunk as I was, I proceeded to kiss Justin after Melissa had. Jana missed our little show and told Melissa to show her again, which she did, and then I told Jana that I had kissed him too and kissed him again to show her. Justin said that was a first then he reached out and felt me up. I let him of course, then told Jana that he had just touched another guys penis for the first time. Which is partly true, cause I'm sure the other times were all games of hitting the other guy in the nuts.
I'm not sure what would happen if Justin and I were to be alone and drunk, part of me is scared to hit on him for fear of losing a good friend and part of me wants to throw him down and jump him.
I guess I really need to get out of town for a weekend and meet some new guys who are available and hopefully as attractive to me as Justin is.

Justin's sister-in-law invited me to go to a party in Salina with her next saturday that a few of her gay friends are throwing. She gave me her friend Cody's number and I spent most of Sunday morning texting him. He's cute, but thats about all I know. I did tell him that he didn't have to set me up with any of his friends and that I'm not big on blind dates. We'll have to wait and see if anything happens at the party, and that's if Laurie remebers to come get me. Chelsea invited me out Friday night, but I'm going to wait and see if she calls me.


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