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Monday, September 08, 2008


So Sunday night I went with my friends Justin, Jana, Jessica, and their friends Tab and JT to the Poison concert. I'm not really a fan of classic rock, but I do like Poison and some others, mostly the ones that I grew up with. Ran into my friend Nick before the concert, then proceeded to have a blast, never sitting down for the whole 2 hours. We had done some drinking before the concert, and I had one more beer at the concert, but Justin took a shot of whatever his buddy Kyle was drinking and then proceeded to vomit before I could grab my empty cup for him. I held the cup for him to finish puking in and we had a great friendship bonding moment. He told me he didn't have any other friends that would have held a cup for him to vomit in. After the concert we made our way down to the fair grounds. Kyle and Justin got into a very junior high game or nut slapping. Kyle got a good hit on Justin and he was whining about it, Jana told him to suck it up and I asked him if he needed it massaged. lol. He giggled and held the waistband of his jeans out and I stuck my hand down his pants to my thumb, feeling his pubes and nothing more. Not going any farther I grabbed his jeans and jerked him along with us as we were heading out to roam around the fair grounds before going to the van. We stopped at McDonalds and grabbed a bite to eat before heading home.
Last night I dreamed that me and Justin were in the same position but he invited me to go further with him. I denied his request with "if I didn't respect your wife so much, I would." Then I ended up asking if different things would be considered cheating, from a BJ to a hand job. lol. Didn't get to finish that dream as I faded into another that I don't remember.


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