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Monday, March 10, 2008

Dain update

2/7- I have not heard from Dain. He won't return my texts and has not been around. Guys suck.
Anyways, I was out with some friends celebrating a birthday. Robert shows up and is texting me from across the bar about how Dain went to a party and woke up with hickies on his neck and Robert's mom was calling him a slut. I texted Dain and asked him about it then proceeded to tell him that if I had been at the party I would have left hickies on his neck, too. He asked if I was hitting on him and I told him that I wasn't. Robert texted me and asked if I was hitting on Dain, then told me to do it. Dain quit texting me after that. I guess he doesn't understand that I talk like that to all my friends. If he can't handle that, then it's his loss.

3/8- Dain sent me a fwd text message today. Not sure if it's an attempt to re-establish contact with me or if I was just on his group list to send fwds to. I didn't respond to it, mostly cause I'm so not going to let him play with my heart or my head that way. If he wants to talk, he can call me or send me a personal text. One month of no contact after texting or talking almost everyday is no way to start a friendship in my book. Not sure what to do now. Has he put the ball in my court? Should I wait for him to initiate contact on a personal level? Should I just ignore it and move on with my life? I have no idea what to do! AGHHHH


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