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Friday, May 30, 2008


So May has been busy and boring.
In our town, we celebrate May Day. A parade, carnival, shopping, I even get the day off from work (paid). It was perfect weather and we all got a lot of sun and fun.
This month also was my 10 year high school reunion. I went, spent too much on dinner, saw some people I didn't really like in school, and almost no one that I did like. It felt like I was the only one that changed in 10 years. Bedsides being married and parents, everyone that was there was just the same as they were ten years ago! Maybe the friends that couldn't make it have changed, I never hear from anyone from that time in my life.
I did however get to see my high school crush, Wes. He hasn't changed. He's married, has kids. Nothing happened. Again.
I do think that I might have been more social had I not had my best friends 2 year old with me. Me and Katie sat down at an empty table and were joined by Wes and his wife, and Brandon and his wife. I wasn't as reserved and quiet as I used to be, Melissa has pretty much cured me of that. I talked with Wes as much as I could between chasing Katie around and getting her to eat.
All in all, dinner was a big let down.

Drinks after dinner wasn't much better, I sat outside the group but was still in some of the conversation. I mostly talked with my Bondo and his wife Sarah. I had two beers and a shot and then went home. Not sure what I was hoping would happen but there was nothing. I think I was more concerned about hitting on Wes in a drunken fit of stupidity that I held back. It was nice to chat and gossip with Sarah for a while though.

Sunday I took Katie and my parents, my brother and his gf and son to the zoo for the day. We got a bit of sun and had fun looking at the animals. I was hoping to get some of my friends to meet us there, but no luck.

Anyway, another month has passed with nothing interesting happening.


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