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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Need Advice

So after work (with the Manager, who pissed me off) I made it to Hank's around 11:45 or 12. Melissa drags me through the bar looking for the guy she wants me to start dating. (same guy I went home with last weekend and he passed out) A little bit later, Mel's friend Matt joins our little party. At last call we all head over to Nasbar where I run into Rose (new lady at work). I have already had like 4 beers and a shot of tequilla and Steve and Beth buy me another shot of Tequilla at Nasbar. Rose is talking to me about this guy that she is going to take home. I tell her good luck and she walks away. I'm standing at the west end of the bar talking to someone (can't remember) when I see Rose leave the building with Matt. He happens to look back into the bar through the window and I motion to him with my finger to "come here" and surprisingly he turned around and came back, Rose in tow. He walked up to me and stood toe to toe with me, I looked him in his ice blue eyes and asked him "what are you doing?" thats all I said! and we looked at each other for a minute,(which seemed like forever) and then he turned around and started to leave, got distracted by a couple girls and I watched Rose leave by herself. I told Matt that I could take him home even though I was drunk and he left with me and Mel and Jessica heading back to Hank's. He stopped right outside of Nasbar and pissed around the corner on the south side while Mel and Jess went ahead, I waited for Matt and we walked to Main street, talking. (He said he didn't care what everone else said about me, he liked me or thought i was cool, something like that.) I was about to ask him who "they" were and what "they" said, but as we crossed Main, Mel and Jess stopped to talk to some more friends who were in a car and Matt and I crossed the street. Ahead of us were two girls that Matt knew and he joined them, wanting to go to an after party. I was about to walk with them down the alley behind Hanks when Mel yelled at me telling me I was not to go down the alley and that she didn't think Matt was "that way" and Jess is behind her saying she thinks he might be "that way" . but all I was thinking about was my car is parked on the south side of Hanks and the alley would have been faster and I could have made sure Matt was alright going with the girls. so I walked (stumbled) around Hanks the long way and was just in time to see Matt get in the girls car. Then I drove myself home, though I shouldn't have. I got home(thankfully) and proceeded to puke my guts up before going to bed. I woke up Saturday and remembered that I had told the guy from last weekend that I would/might come to his house after I left the bar. I then sat on the couch thinking about whether I was mad at Mel for making me leave Matt or mad at Matt for going with those girls. lol. In the end I'm just glad that Matt didn't go with Rose, though I'm sure she was angry with me and I'm going to hear about it. I thought about telling her that there was no way I was letting her take my boyfriend home. How else can I explain why he came back into the bar? He is about a year older than me, but Rose is 50! He is an adult and Friday was the first time we had met. All I could think about Saturday was if he got home ok. He was at work last night when I went to pick up stuff for supper but he didn't even look at me or say anything. He may not remember me or recognized me. And I don't think we ever touched except to shake hands when Mel introduced us.

So, what do you think? Is there a chance? Should I talk to him or let it go? Maybe invite him out with us again? Would love to know what other people think about this.


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