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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Birthday Party

So with my 27th birthday comming up on Sunday, my friends have decided we are going to party Saturday night. I am so excited, I got confirmation last night that my "very" hot friend Jared, will be there, and since his 22nd birthday is Friday, he is going to celebrate his birthday along with mine. I am working on confirming that "hottie" Josh will be there too. With all the people I have invited and told them to invite, we might as well have reserved the entire bar! We have decided to celebrate all of the June birthdays this weekend, which we should do every month, as it would make things so much easier than trying to go out every night that someone has a birthday. We should all just plan to celebrate the 3rd saturday of every month. lol.
Is it bad for me to hope that Jared gets really, really drunk and comes home with me? I really just want to sleep next to him, but if he were to start something I would not stop him. Same for Josh. But I really doubt that anything would happen even if they did crash at my place. I just have an overactive imagination I guess.


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