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Monday, June 18, 2007


My birthday was this weekend. *cue singing* I worked friday night till 10, went to bed around 11, and then got up at 4:30am and went fishing at Wilson Lake with Joe. I caught one fish! whoo hoo! And I also caught some sun and I now look like a AmerIndian but only in a farmers tan. lol. Just a little sore around the neck, and if I had been brave enough and had brought some sunblock, I might a taken off my shirt and tanned my entire torso. Should be a great tan in a couple days. If I had it all over, I would fit in better at the Pow-Wow next weekend. lol. Maybe I can find something to do outdoors this weekend and go shirtless. Or hit the tanning beds.
Saturday night we had a BBQ at Joe and Melissa's, and around 20 of my friends showed up. Then we all went to the bar and to get smashed. I played two games of pool with Justin and we all started with our usual beers and mixed drinks then moved on to shots of Purple Hooters. Three pitchers of PH's later, Jared and Josh bought me a Prairie Fire, which was, I guess, Hot Damn and tobasco. It was terrible. But my lust for those two boys made me man up and take it. We then made our way down to the next bar where some of my other friend were waiting for us and we drank some more and sang karaoki. We finally made it back to the car and made it home. I was up in time to get to work Sunday and was there from 11 til l1:30, then went to Joe and Melissa's and ate some left over burgers for lunch and dinner and wathced Norbet before going to bed.
I'm glad I had such a great time on my birthday. Even if the boys of my dreams didn't carry me home and spend the night. I'm still tired as all fuck this morning but it was def. worth it.


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