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Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Well, my car if finally almost mine! Two more payments and I own it! I am so excited to be done with that and to be able to send that $270 to another bill. I'm finally going to make some headway on my debts. Once I get Dell and Home Depot paid off, OMG ~$430 PER MONTH that will be free for other things. I'm considering buying a motorcycle, a Trike, to be precise. I've always thought I wouldn't look right on a Bike, but how cool would it be to ride up to my 10 year HS reunion next summer on one? Especially after riding it 180 miles to get there. I will def. have to invest in some heavy leather even though it will probably be 80+ degrees and I'll sweat the whole way!
Still not sure what to do on the relationship front. What little I have to choose from here is not really holding my attention. I should take JF up on her offer to go out of town to the gay bars, but if I meet someone there I would have to drive an hour to see them. I'm sure that I won't find anyone in this small town, but I'm not ready to move to a bigger city just for convience in dating. Perhaps Fate will step in and resolve this issue, but for now I'm happy with what I have.


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