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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy New Year!

The last couple days have been sort of interesting for me. Over the weekend I had a great dream of me and Jared being together. The details are a little fuzzy, but there was lots of physical contact.
As for New Years Eve, I worked till 8:30pm then met my friends at our normal hangout, Hanks, and proceeded to drink almost everything that was put in front of me. Things were going along pretty well, and then I noticed my friend Josh across the room. God he looks good, he was wearing a semi-form fitting red shirt and jeans that looked like they had been molded to him. In short, he looked like the blonde god of my dreams. I so wanted to take him home with me and let him have his way with me, but I'm chicken shit and I don't want to kill what little friendship we have. So instead, I contented myself with looking and drowned myself in liquor even while he was trying to get me on the dance floor and kept pointing and winking at me. I know, I'm stupid. But I know he's engaged to be married soon, I'm not sure how far he would want to take things with anyone else. It will just have to be the first regret of the new year, though it is an old regret. I did send him my number via facebook though, with a note to call me and that we should hang out more, so maybe...but I'm not getting my hopes up.


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