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Friday, November 16, 2007


Wow, I totally missed my 1st Blogaversary! By almost a month, even. So much has been taking my time and attention, yet not all of it is worth taking the time tell anyone about it. I've had people come and go from my life in the past 13 months and some of them are barely worth remembering and some of them have left lasting marks on my life. I'm that much closer to financial freedom, getting my debts paid off one by one, and hopefully that much closer to finding a significant other to share my life with.
Thanksgiving is 6 days away and I still don't know what my schedule for that weekend is. Hopefully I'm not working like I did last year. I really want to spend it with my family, however I have not requested the time off and have left it up to the manager to take it upon herself to give me time off. (Ha! We'll see!) Well if I don't get time off for Thanksgiving, I'll put in a request for Christmas.
I can hardly believe that it's now the middle of November! Where has the time gone? My best friend asked me yesterday if two years ago I had ever thought I would be sitting there with a baby on my lap. The only thing I could say was "not really", of course I tend not to look that far into the future.
Work is still the same old thing, although there have been changes there, too. Vickie transfered out of town, Shawn and I have taken on her responsibilities, our electrician quit and we hired a new plumber.(a very cute one, too) The owner moved into his office in our building finally, and customers are still calling for our services.
On the dating front, I have tried with four different guys (John, Josh, Craig, Tony)to have a relationship. However, I am finding all the guys that don't click with me. Not sure what is wrong, but something is keeping me from being with someone. Hopefully, there is a greater plan that I am unaware of and I'm slowly making progress towards it's end. I can only hope that it's a happy one.
I have found lots of my friends from the past on either MySpace or Facebook. It's great to be connected with them again. Some I have even seen again due to planning for Alumni Weekend and things. Yet there are people that it is proving difficult to find, too.
Anyways, Hope everyone has a great holiday next week, I'm sure mine will be no matter what I end up doing.


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